Corliss Lamont Television Interview

Longines Chronoscope show originally shown on the CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) television network in New York on October 1, 1952.

Running Time: 14 minutes 26 seconds

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Introduction by Beth K. Lamont,
widow of Dr. Corliss Lamont

Hello Dear Folks, who cherish Peace and Justice, and are working towards a new and creative chapter in the rebuilding of our envisioned and ideal Democracy.

Philosopher and Activist, Dr. Corliss Lamont, had spent nearly his lifetime in defending our Civil Liberties, and championing the Rights of the Workers, as well as lamenting and rebuffing the anti-Socialist propaganda that, even to this day, permeates the American society, and tampers with our Democracy.

The misunderstanding propagated by Senator Joe McCarthy, and his malicious accusations linking idealists and activists to a subversive brand of dictatorial Communism, has never really been eradicated or vindicated by the truth.

We, who champion the Rights of the People, and envision Power to the People, know that the elements of the Socialist ideals, as bespoken by Philosopher, Karl Marx, and recognized by "The Workers of the World", must eventually prevail, because they are ethical.

There is no "middle ground" for the Democratic Party, even though it pretends to distance itself from us Lefties! We are powerful! And We WILL prevail!

The REAL danger is the Capitalist economic system that values the making of unconscionable profit, more than protecting the Well-Being of the People or preserving our endangered Planet. Cooperation is so much more important than competition, and the militaristic mindset must cease if humankind is to survive!

In this recently re-discovered interview of Dr. Corliss Lamont, he is invited to defend his Humanistic and Socialistic views, and does so admirably.

The previous episode of this television series that featured an interview with Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy can be found on the YouTube website at

National Archives and Records Administration
ARC Identifier 95786 / Local Identifier LW-LW-145
TELEVISION INTERVIEW: William Bradford Huie and Hardy Burt talk with Dr. Corliss Lamont, Representative of the American Labor Party, on his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, cease-fire in Korea, purge trials of 1937 in the Soviet Union, views on organized religion, restoration of civil liberties for American citizens, maintenance of U.S. troops in western Europe, and socialism in America.
DVD copied by IASL Master Scanner Katie Filbert.
Credits: Uploaded by Public.Resource.Org
Addeddate: 2011-01-01 02:13:53
Identifier: gov.archives.arc.95786

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