Helen Lamb on the Casper Citron Show
Live from the Algonquin Hotel
Broadcast on WQXR Radio in New York
March 22, 1973

Dr. Helen B. (Boyden) Lamb (1906-1975), second wife of Dr. Corliss Lamont and author of Vietnam's Will to Live: Resistance to Foreign Aggression from Early Times Through the Nineteenth Century (1972), along with Prof. Tran Van Dinh (1923-2011) of the Asian Studies Department at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, interviewed by Casper Citron (1919-2002) at the Algonquin Hotel, former home of the Algonquin Round Table, broadcast on WQXR radio in New York, March 22, 1973.

Open reel (reel-to-reel) tape recording by, and with an introduction by, Jesse Gordon.

The Algonquin Hotel as it appeared in August 2007.
The Algonquin Hotel as it appeared in August 2007


Running Time: 27 minutes 0 seconds
512 kbps or faster Internet connection recommended.


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