Lover's Credo Inlet and Tide
The Gift of Exaltation

Precious is every hour with you,
Under whatever sky; in all
Seasons, weathers, places, rooms-with-roses,
And walks along the Palisades.

Swift is thought like light of day,
And swift the vivid thoughts that pass
Between us, glowing sparks illuming
The darkling labyrinth that is man's mind.

Life-giving the sun, and gracious-shining,
And likewise you, his truest daughter,
New beauty bringing to the world,
Raising banners of joy in human hearts.

Sweet the remembrance of fair women,
Lovely their faces and their forms;
Yet none so sweet in memory as you,
Deep-hidden, priceless treasure of the soul.

O slender stalk of budding flower,
O slim white birch so gently swaying,
O delicate spiral of fragrant smoke,
O golden, traceried leaf earth-dancing,

O grace in every mood and motion!
The sky-blue eyes so gay defying;
The autumn-auburned crown of hair,
The voice as if Beauty's self were speaking.

And we who've known your genius,
And the spell of your magic power,
Are so quickened in spirit and mind
We proudly walk transfigured then for life,

Feeling no evil can touch us now;
Fearing nothing in life or death;
Carrying within and down the years
The gift of exaltation you have given.


Note: The version of Lover's Credo: Poems of Love presented on this website is based upon the 1994 trade paperback Third Edition of the book published in the U.S. by William L. Bauhan. The First Edition of the book, published in hardcover form in 1972 by A. S. Barns and Co., Inc. in the U.S. and by Thomas Yoseloff Ltd. in the U.K., contained the same poems as the First Edition, although they were sequenced in a slightly different order.

Additionally, the poem on this webpage, The Gift of Exaltation, as published in the First Edition, was different in two respects: the dedication to Katharine Hepburn was not included and the first verse paragraph was different. Presented below is the first verse paragraph as it appeared in the First Edition, as well as a graphic image of the cover of the First Edition. Following that can be found Publication Data for the First Edition of the book.


Tender is the night always,
And tender every hour with you,
Under whatever sky; in all
Seasons, weathers, places, rooms-with-roses.


JPEG image of book cover (first edition).


Publication Data for the First Edition:

© 1972 by Corliss Lamont

A. S. Barnes and Co., Inc.
Cranbury, New Jersey  08512

Thomas Yoseloff Ltd
108 New Bond Street
London  W1Y OQX, England

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data

Lamont, Corliss, 1902-
    Lover's Credo.

    I.  Title.
PS3523.A4425L6          811'.5'4          74-39345
ISBN  0-498-01135-6

Printed in the United States of America

    The sculpture reproduced on the front of the jacket cover is by
Gustav Vigeland.


Copyright © 1972, 1983, 1994 by Corliss Lamont.
Copyright © 2001-2021 by Half-Moon Foundation, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Lover's Credo Inlet and Tide

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