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"The Philosophy of Humanism"
by Corliss Lamont

Table of Contents
For the Eighth Edition

Introduction to the Eighth Edition - (Beverley Earles and Beth K. Lamont)

Foreword to the Eighth Edition - (Beth K. Lamont)

Preface to the Seventh Edition

Introduction to the Sixth Edition

Foreword to the Fifth Edition - (Edwin H. Wilson)

Preface to the Fifth Edition

I. The Meaning of Humanism
     1.  The Importance of Philosophy
     2.  Humanism Defined
     3.  Different Kinds of Humanists

II. The Humanist Tradition
     1.  Philosophic Forerunners
     2.  Religious Roots of Humanism
     3.  The Cultural Background

III. This Life Is All and Enough
     1.  The Unity of Body and Personality
     2.  Some Other Considerations
     3.  The Destiny of Humankind

IV. Humanism's Theory of the Universe
     1.  Science and Its Implications
     2.  The Rejection of Dualism and Idealism
     3.  The Universe of Nature
     4.  Contingency, Determinism, and Freedom
     5.  The Ultimates of Existence
     6.  The Appreciation of Nature

V. Reliance on Reason and Science
     1.  Five Ways of Seeking Knowledge
     2.  Modern Scientific Method
     3.  Science and the Meaning of Truth

VI. The Affirmation of Life
     1.  The Ethics of Humanism
     2.  The Social Good and Individual Happiness
     3.  Humanism and Democracy
     4.  A Humanist Civilization


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