Corliss Lamont: Renegade Patriot
Video in Microsoft® Advanced Streaming Format (ASF)

Several years ago, Corliss Lamont's Grandson, Jonathan Heap, a Hollywood feature film director, shot a 16mm film about his grandfather called Corliss Lamont: Renegade Patriot. The film exists only in rough cut form, but presented here is a six-minute video clip from the film, along with a transcription of the dialogue.

Pseudo-streaming HTTP mode multimedia file:

The Microsoft Windows® Media Player (WMP) program, available for various versions of the Windows operating system, is required in order to play this file. If you don't already have a copy installed on your system, you may download it for free from Get Windows Media Player.

The bandwidth required in order to properly stream this clip is approximately 41 kbps, so you'll need a "56k modem" (V.90, K56Flex, or x2) or better Internet connection.

If your browser supports the Windows Media Player Internet Explorer ActiveX Control or the Windows Media Player plug-in, just click on the Play button Play button within the embedded Player below to see the file.
Transcription of Dialogue


Click to play the video. For browsers which don't support controls or plug-ins, or if the control or plug-in is not installed, click the button to the left or use this text link to launch the Windows Media Player program externally. Playback then will begin automatically.


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