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     In these days when versifiers of no talent are capitalizing on the current wearisome aggregation of smut passing as the New Culture, it is a joy to come upon Corliss Lamont's Lover's Credo, where the holy sexual communion of man and woman in love is given its due. What I am most impressed with is Mr. Lamont's virile honesty, his unblushing apprehension of beauty, loveliness and spiritual sympathy that he can find in the beloved, his unstammering exultation of the sex-act between such a man and such a woman, and the incitements to such communion by the varying moods of untamed Nature herself. The two poems on skiing and sailing, by the way, are little masterpieces in their own right. Mr. Lamont's age is irrelevant; he has a heart that can never grow old.

 Professor of English Literature Emeritus
 Brooklyn College
Copyright © 1972, 1983, 1994 by Corliss Lamont.
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Publication Data Preface

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