When I Was Alone Next to Last Lines
Today I Weep

Today I weep, because it is October
And something gone never to come again.
That chance concatenation of events
Will never come again; that first sublime
Discovery that we were really one;
No, not if we should live a hundred years
Can that rich, unmatched, unmeasured moment
Repeat itself, to lift us to the heights.
For time, alas, is irreversible
And all defeats and victories are read
Into the unchanging and too often cruel
Immortality of the past.

There is but one September in each year,
Containing one last day and one last night;
For us there is a one-and-only youth,
A quickly passing one-and-only life
To relish the ripened fruits of all Septembers
And all the fragrant days and nights of beauty.
And so I weep for what we did not do,
For our retreat from shining glory when
We held it in our grasp; for our defeat,
Not by the hand of fate, but by ourselves,
Our strange passivity and unawareness
Of what our highest destinies deserved.


Copyright © 1972, 1983, 1994 by Corliss Lamont.
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All Rights Reserved.
When I Was Alone Next to Last Lines

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