Acknowledgments The Gift of Exaltation
Lover's Credo


I believe in the creative and redeeming power of love
   between a man and a woman.

I believe in the uplifting of the spirit through the
   radiant wonder of loving and being loved.

I believe in the comradeship of shared ideals, in the
   gaiety of shared laughter, in the enjoyment together of
   Nature's beauty and man's unending genius.

I believe in the graceful rhythms of the dance, the swaying
   of bodies in perfect harmony, the magic of agile feet,
   and the dreamy drifting to slow music.

I believe in the companionship of outdoor life—in hiking,
   skiing, swimming, and enjoying sports together in the
   exhilaration of the open air.

I believe in the open fire's invitation to romance, with
   red flames dancing and logs crackling and two voices
   murmuring low.

I believe in the eyes of desire looking into the eyes of
   longing till the depths of one's being are stirred.

I believe in the dear delight of tender words—of dearest,
   darling, beloved, sweetheart, angel, my love.

I believe in the witchery of summer nights and the thrill
   of holding each other close beneath the shining moon
   and stars in all their splendor.

And I believe in the frank and full-hearted celebration of
   sex love and of the exquisite sensitivity between male
   and female.


I believe in love as an unceasing fountain of tenderness,
   overflowing from inner springs of joy and growing more
   abundant with the giving.

I believe in the tranquil pleasure of hands holding hands
   in every secret way—of fingers interlocked with
   fingers and gently moving.

I believe in love as an antidote to loneliness and as the
   way to happiness through the sharing of experience with
   my beloved.

I believe in the rapture of unrestrained kisses and the
   wanderlust of searching hands—lingering, encircling,
   straying—over the delicate smooth skin.

I believe in the beauty of the ultimate embrace, the crescendo
   and ecstasy of fulfillment, the marvelous serenity after
   all passion spent.

I believe in the languorous ease of lying side by side on
   the soft and fragrant grass, or on the sandy beach with
   the soothing sound of waves breaking.

I believe in the happy art of writing love-letters, in the
   indiscretion of the pen and the leaping wildness of
   uninhibited thought.

I believe in ardent greetings after long absence, in devouring
   kisses and tears in the eye and the tight clasp of body
   to body.

I believe in love as the creator of spiritual strength and
   as the joyous way in which men and women reproduce
   the race.

And I believe in love as a supreme glory, with the exultant
   heart soaring free and the flow of passion between lovers
   now and evermore.


Copyright © 1972, 1983, 1994 by Corliss Lamont.
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Acknowledgments The Gift of Exaltation

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