The Gift of Exaltation Bay and Ocean
Inlet and Tide

You are an inlet of the roaming sea
That winds among the many-colored rocks
And past the pleasant meadows green or tawny,
Your ever-cooling and alluring waters
Refreshing everything that feels or sees
The soft and shimmering texture of your being.
Now, with tide at ebb, your ledges lie
Bare and defenseless in the high sun's heat,
The fish marooned in lovely shallow pools,
And rivulets reduced to their last trickle.
Again you yearn for pulsing sea's return
And for the rhythms of the turning tide.
I am that ever-surging sea and tide,
Caressing you, possessing you, once more
In the wonderful ways of water flowing;
Into your every recess now I come,
The flooding sea, and swirl deliciously
Through narrow channels, rushing and rejoicing,
To rest at last in full tide's moving quiet,
The cycle done and consummation wrought.


Copyright © 1972, 1983, 1994 by Corliss Lamont.
Copyright © 2001-2021 by Half-Moon Foundation, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
The Gift of Exaltation Bay and Ocean

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