Completion Victory

They talk about the creative genius
Of artists, authors, scientists and statesmen;
But you and I together, beloved,
A man and woman average in talent,
Possess the precious power to create,
Through our ennobling love for one another,
An actual human being, a baby,
Who then will grow, mature, become an adult
And full-fledged member of the human race
With infinite potentialities
For happiness, achievement, service to man.
This gift sublime of creativity,
Bestowed by Nature on all living things,
Expands, enriches love's essential meaning,
Makes everyone in love a kind of god,
And blesses human sexuality
As the wonderful and happy way
To guarantee a future for mankind.


Copyright © 1972, 1983, 1994 by Corliss Lamont.
Copyright © 2001-2021 by Half-Moon Foundation, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Completion Victory

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