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"Thirty-one poems, a lover's credo . . . commemorate what philosopher Lamont describes as eroto-aesthetic sensitivity. The bliss of sexual and spiritual love, the beauty of the loved one and of nature, the loneliness and ironies of lost romance are gracefully conveyed in these meticulously structured poems."

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"Corliss Lamont, bored with pornography and four-letter words, has shown that one can speak candidly of the delight of tenderness, passion, exaltation and lasting comradeship of two people in love without resorting to coarseness. The title poem, "Lover's Credo" is especially appealing . . . This little volume should please lovers of all ages."


"Poems celebrating the intellectual and spiritual as well as the romantic and physical aspects of love between man and woman . . . illustrated with photographs as sensuous as the poems. The subjects and language of the poems are ageless."


"Corliss Lamont announces a personal credo of love in his preface. The poems which follow constitute a set of variations on the theme. The tempo varies as well as the tone — there are occasional notes of humor, as in "On a Warm Day in Spring" — but the leitmotif remains true to the title of the book."



Lover's Credo, published in 1972, again in 1983, and re-issued in 1994 in a trade paperback edition, celebrates lyrically the varying moods and aspects of love between a man and a woman, often set against the background of the natural world.



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About the Author

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