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   Corliss Lamont

     Lover's Credo is the outgrowth of a lifetime's devotion to poetry and to humanistic philosophy and ideals. Corliss Lamont was steeped in poetry from his boyhood in Englewood, NJ, where his parents often gathered the entire family together to read poems on Sunday evenings. It was an interest that continued through his education at Phillips Exeter Academy and at Harvard, where he graduated magna cum laude in 1924. During a year's study at New College, Oxford, he often bicycled up Boar's Hill to visit his friend, the poet laureate, John Masefield, who recited his own poetry at tea and served as an inspiration. Corliss Lamont took his Ph.D. in philosophy at Columbia University in 1932, and remained there as a teacher of philosophy for many years.
     Writer as well as teacher, he is the author of three major works of philosophy; he also compiled the well-known anthology of poems Man Answers Death, and in 1971 first published Remembering John Masefield, a collection of letters from the celebrated British poet laureate. As a member of the executive board of the Poetry Society of America, he has given active support to younger American poets.
     Yes to Life, the title of his memoirs published in 1981 and again in 1991, perhaps best expresses Corliss Lamont's enthusiastic and energetic approach to living. He has also been an effective worker for international peace, a conservationist, and civil libertarian. But now past 90*, Dr. Lamont's most singular achievement may be that he refuses to "grow old" and to lose his optimism for the fate of humankind. Physically as well as mentally active, he has been a robust sailor, skier, and hiker — enthusiasms he shares with his numerous children and grandchildren.


*This was correct information in 1994.
Corliss Lamont died in 1995.


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